Financial Planner Book: Coming this Summer!


I’ve got another book coming out later this summer!  I’m working on fleshing out the contents and will have more detailed information later, but here’s a sneak peak:

  • Understand how CCRCs work and what sorts of services they offer
  • Learn about CCRC contracts
  • Learn how to adjust entrance fees and monthly fees to compare between pricing plans
  • Build your own client spreadsheet customized to each individual’s situation
  • Negotiate with CCRC marketing departments

Look for The Financial and Estate Planner’s Guide to Continuing Care Retirement Communities on Amazon (in print and Kindle editions).

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Florida condos, faster stroke treatment, caregivers, and modern retirement


If you’re thinking about retiring in Florida, now’s a good time to get cheap condos.

Faster treatment after strokes can improve patient outcomes.

A former caregivers talks about juggling the needs of several of her elderly relatives.

Modern retirement is looking a lot different from what it was 100 years ago.

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Women & long term care insurance, fewer seniors are investing, Boomers & Alzheimer’s, and aging


Women pay a lot more money for long term care insurance.  (Why? Because they live longer and spend more time in nursing homes.)

Fewer seniors are investing; more are working into retirement.

More Boomers have Alzheimer’s than expected.

Aging is mostly in your mind. (Best news I’ve heard all week!)

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Hunger & seniors, happiness & aging, caring for an Alzheimer’s patient, and smart phones


Hunger is a big problem for lots of seniors.

We get happier as we age.

Tips for caring for an Alzheimer’s patient.

Europe is getting senior-friendly smart phones.  When will we get them over here?

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Best nursing homes, selling your home now, best places to retire, and tips for grieving caregivers


The US New & World Report recently released a list of the best nursing homes in the country.

Thinking about selling your home and moving to retirement in about 10 years?  Now could be a much better time to do it.

Nerd Wallet just published their top 10 best places to retire.

More tips for grieving caregivers.

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