Insomnia & nursing homes, aging & the mind, long term care costs, and adult wishes


Get some sleep! Insomnia predicts nursing home admissions in seniors.

It’s official: aging is all in the mind (unfortunately, we still don’t know how to change that).

Long term care is a big expense, and no one seems to know how to pay for it.

There’s now an adult version of the Make a Wish Foundation.

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Hair & aging, retirement, being a caregiver, and cashing in your life insurance


Why you grow more hair in old age.

California is rethinking its retirement plans.

A doctor talks about what it was like to be a caregiver for his wife.

Need a little extra cash in retirement?  Try tapping your life insurance policy. (But, please, talk to your financial advisor first!)

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Why financial planners should buy my book

Financial Planner Cover 400 x 640

My new book will be coming out on August 1st.  The title is, “The Financial & Estate Planner’s Guide to Continuing Care Retirement Communities,” and it’s going to have a ton of useful information for fiduciaries who have high net worth elderly clients.  Here are the top three reasons you (or your financial advisor if you’re not one yourself) should buy it:

  • It will have tons of forms for financial planners to use when helping clients.  I’ve outlined the process of selecting senior housing and created nifty, easy-to-use forms to help you along the way.
  • It’s got a list of tips when helping clients pick the right community.  I walk you through exactly what things to look for when helping your clients pick their CCRC.
  • It’s got lots of cool Excel spreadsheets.  I’ve included lots of different financial analyses for clients and CCRCs, and I explain (in layman’s terms) how to build similar forms in your own practice.

There you have it. This book will contain everything except the secret to life!  I’ll be adding links in the next few weeks with purchasing information! Stay tuned!

Older drivers, advice for aging parents, seniors & Facebook, and making decisions


When should drivers retire their car keys?

Some good advice on basic information to have about your aging parents.

Seniors are the fastest growing demographic in social media (like Facebook) today.

Older people are better at making decisions. (More on the subject.)

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Hospital tips, seniors & therapy, unhealthy old age, and long term care costs


Tips for staying healthy in hospitals.

Older adults can benefit from therapy just as much as young people.

Do Boomers have to “save themselves” from unhealthy old age?

Americans are in denial about long term care costs.

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