Finding Communities that Share your Beliefs


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If you have a strong religious preference and want to be around other seniors who share your faith, then you might look for a retirement community that is affiliated with or sponsored by your religious denomination:

Most communities welcome all faiths. As you might expect, retirement communities make more money by not limiting their residents to one type of faith.  Even communities that are sponsored by Jewish, Presbyterian, or other denominations, welcome residents of all faiths.

Some communities focus on one faith more than others. Some communities cater to specific religions by offering things like Kosher meals, Catholic mass, or other religious observances.  If these are important to you, make sure to ask the community marketing agent during your visit which activities and ceremonies are observed on campus.

Communities with religious affiliations aren’t automatically good. One of the most well-known bankruptcies in senior housing to date was a B’nai Brith-sponsored community.  All of the residents lost the right to their entrance fee refunds when the community was sold out of bankruptcy.  Just because the community is affiliated with your faith does not automatically mean that it is financially-stable or is a good place to live.

Overall, moving to a religious-affiliated community can be a good thing.  It depends on your personal preferences and the options available in the city where you will be moving.  You might also keep in mind that communities often offer shuttles to local religious centers.  Even if they don’t cater to your specific denomination, they might give you a free ride to services that fit your needs.