Seniors bust dishonest business, assisted living staff member buries patient behind facility, abuse & neglect in nursing homes, and checkered pasts

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Next on “CSI: Adult daycare,” a senior busts adult daycare operators who falsify documents!

Creepiest thing I’ve heard in a long time: An assisted living staff member was arresting for burying a resident behind the facility.

85% of nursing homes reported abuse or neglect in 2012.

Assisted living operators sometimes have a checkered past.  That’s why it’s always good to check with your local nursing home ombudsman or check your state’s assisted living complaints database.

Cities for romance, avoiding loneliness, nursing homes & convicts, and eating disorders in adults


Single seniors now have a list of the top 10 cities for romance!

What to live longer?  Make new friends!

Nursing homes increasingly care for aging convicts and convicted sex offenders.  Are they still safe?

Eating disorders aren’t just for teenagers.  Seniors can fall victim to body image problems as well.

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Caregiving tips, CCRC refunds, dying at home, and organized crime(!)

Some tips for caring for loved ones as they age.  The most interesting: focus on the small things in life.

CCRC entrance refund policies vary widely by state.  Make sure that you read your contract thoroughly.

More of the oldest old are now dying at home.  That’s good news for folks that want to avoid dying while strapped to machines in a hospital ward.

If you’re looking for a new career, try to avoid organized crime.  A 73 year-old grandmother was arrested in Oklahoma for being a big-time pot dealer.

Medical testing, migraines, palliative care, drug shortages, and elder fraud

Doctors overprescribe tests.  The main reason: They’re worried about being sued.

Causes of the migraine aura.  It might be in the visual cortex.

Palliative care physicians may help patients make better decisions.  Plus, it might save costs.

More on drug shortages.  Physicians are scrambling to find alternatives.

Stanford investigates elder fraud.  A new research center is studying the emotional and psychological components of scams targeting seniors.