Researching nursing homes, assisted living in Mexico, crazy causes for dementia symptoms, and complaining to Medicare

Reading glasses help seniors in hospitals

Finding a nursing home isn’t simple, but lots of research generally pays off.

Would you move to Mexico for assisted living?

Diabetes can cause dementia symptoms if left untreated. Another culprit: hearing loss.

How to complain to Medicare.

Older minds retain more information, residents suing CCRC, a third of patients are harmed during treatment, and the worst aspect of dementia


Older minds retain more information.

Residents are suing Vi, a CCRC chain over the use of their entrance fees.

One third of nursing home patients are harmed during treatment.

One of the worst aspects of dementia: Sometimes patients don’t even know that they’re ill.

Memory Care Communities

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If your loved one is having problems with Alzheimer’s or dementia and caregiving is becoming too much to handle, you might consider a memory care community: 

Memory care is specifically designed for dementia patients.  Most memory care communities are specifically laid out for patients suffering from dementia.  You’ll likely notice hallways designed so that there are no dead-ends.  There might be photo and memorabilia boxes on the walls to help residents find their rooms.  You might also notice locks on the exterior doors and windows to prevent residents from wandering.

Lots of memory care communities offer special activities for dementia patients.  Some research suggests that memory and brain function can be improved by doing certain activities like math and puzzles.  Although special programs for memory are a relatively new phenomenon, more communities are adopting memory-centered activities.

Not all memory care communities deal with the same levels of care. For instance, some patients become combative or sexually promiscuous and need different settings to be comfortable.  Most communities don’t have staff that are trained in handling these behaviors, so you’ll need to call around to find the right facility.  However, most communities will give you some idea of the services they offer when you call.

Painting at 98, moving to the suburbs, futile ICU care, and dropping dementia rates


A 98 year old man has created a painting using Microsoft Paint.

A 66-year-old makes a proactive move into the city from the suburbs.

Over 10% of ICU patients receive care that doctors think is futile.

Best news I’ve heard all week: Dementia rates are dropping.

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