Researching nursing homes, assisted living in Mexico, crazy causes for dementia symptoms, and complaining to Medicare

Reading glasses help seniors in hospitals

Finding a nursing home isn’t simple, but lots of research generally pays off.

Would you move to Mexico for assisted living?

Diabetes can cause dementia symptoms if left untreated. Another culprit: hearing loss.

How to complain to Medicare.

Diabetes care, another bankruptcy in senior housing, detecting elder abuse, and hospice care


If you have diabetes, hypoglycemia is a big problem that doctors sometimes overlook.

A Texas retirement community chain just filed for bankruptcy.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau just published a manual for detecting financial abuse in the elderly.  It’s written for nursing home staff, but it’s pretty useful for anyone.

Tips for shopping for hospice care.

Alzheimer’s & diet, being a caregiver, senior housing locator services, and signs of dementia


Should Alzheimer’s be called “Type 3 diabetes?” New research points to poor diet at a potential cause.

What’s it like being a caregiver?  A Boomer gives her honest opinion about caring for her father.

The FTC is investigating complaints against two senior housing locator services

Mild cognitive impairment can be a symptom of future Alzheimer’s.  

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Statins & diabetes, age discrimination, anecdotes in healthcare, and daily Aspirins

Bad news about statins: They’ve been linked to diabetes in women.

Sixty three percent of older Americans feel that they have been discriminated against due to their age.

The problem with relying on a story for your health decisions: the story might not be entirely accurate.

If you have macular degeneration, take heart.  A daily dose of Aspirin helps to delay the disease.

Eyes & diabetes, statins, cancer rehab, and Medicare fraud

Eyes can be the windows to the soul, but they can also help your doctors figure out if you’re at risk for disease.  Bonus: Scientists are developing a new test for diabetics.  Instead of pricking your finger, you collect teardrops.

Study confirms that statins are safe; over the long run, cancer and heart disease risk is the same for those who are taking statins and those who are not.

Doing rehab during cancer treatment improves outcomes.

Need something to occupy your time?  Help Medicare catch fraud! 


Retirement, diabetes, Medicare, and Medicaid

Best alternative retirement destinations: They’re cheaper than the bigger retirement destinations, and they offer lots of amenities!

Expert tips for preventing diabetic neuropathy: lose some weight, stop smoking, stay active, and pay attention to your feet.

Medicare changes will impact wealthy seniors.  But, the definition of “wealthy” may apply to seniors with as little as $40,000 in annual income.

More seniors are turning to Medicaid for their long term care bills.  Most have spent down their assets on health care and cannot afford to pay for their nursing home stay.