Walk more = live longer, doctors & end of life, liquid meal replacements, and top-rated senior housing communities


Seniors who walk more live longer.

Most doctors wouldn’t want heroic measures at the end of life.

Liquid meal replacements can’t replace the real thing.

SeniorAdvisor.com has released its list of top-rated senior housing communities.

Farm to table dining at a retirement community, hackers, end-of-life planning, and CCRC residents suing a community


A retirement community in Massachusetts is going “farm-to-table” in its dining hall.

Hackers got into the database of an assisted living company.

4 things every patient should know about end-of-life planning.

CCRC residents are suing a community for not having a reserve account to refund residents’ entrance fees.

Married 75 years, died a day apart, naked ESPN photos, longer disability and early stage dementia


True love: A couple born on the same day and married for 75 years die a day apart.

Gary Player, the 77-year-old former sportsman, posed naked for ESPN.  I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.

As people live longer, they’ll need to be prepared for longer periods of disability at the end of life.

The worst news I’ve heard all week: Some people who feel like something “isn’t right” with their memories actually have early-stage dementia.

Copper & dementia, life spans, end of life treatments, and suicide


Can copper and dementia really be related?

Women are still living longer, but men are quickly catching up.

A hospice physician talks about end of life treatments.

Suicide among the elderly is a problem.

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Insomnia & nursing homes, aging & the mind, long term care costs, and adult wishes


Get some sleep! Insomnia predicts nursing home admissions in seniors.

It’s official: aging is all in the mind (unfortunately, we still don’t know how to change that).

Long term care is a big expense, and no one seems to know how to pay for it.

There’s now an adult version of the Make a Wish Foundation.

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