Walk more = live longer, doctors & end of life, liquid meal replacements, and top-rated senior housing communities


Seniors who walk more live longer.

Most doctors wouldn’t want heroic measures at the end of life.

Liquid meal replacements can’t replace the real thing.

SeniorAdvisor.com has released its list of top-rated senior housing communities.

Sex in senior housing, long term care insurance, nursing home lawsuit, and doing brain exercises

teen with condom

Sex in senior housing isn’t always handled well by staff.

Missing one payment can put your long-term-care insurance in jeopardy.

A jury awards over $3 million in nursing home lawsuit.

Doing brain exercises can help delay your move into senior housing.

Finishing school at 99, home care agencies, Parkinson’s patients & spoons, and brain exercises


It’s never to late to finish school.

California is taking steps to regulate its home care agencies.

There’s a new spoon for Parkinson’s patients.

Brain exercises are effective ways of improving memory and concentration.

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Blood sugar, exercise & dementia, living wills, and moving to “hip” neighborhoods


High blood sugar has been linked to dementia.

Exercise is the best medicine researchers have found for dementia.

Should you have more than one set of living wills if you live in multiple states?  An elder law attorney discusses the matter.

Boomers are moving to hip “young” neighborhoods.

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Biking & Parkinson’s, fighting parents, long term care plans, and hiring the right movers


Biking has been shown to improve symptoms of Parkinson’s.

When your elderly parents fight: Is it a sign of a normal marriage or that something is wrong?

More than half of Americans aged 45-54 don’t have any long term care plans

Hiring the right movers can make all the difference when downsizing to senior housing.

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