Fishing, working at McDonalds, sharing your home and shrinking retirements


A retirement community in Texas held a fishing tournament last month.

There’s an 88-year-old man in the UK who works two days a week at McDonalds; he’s their oldest worker.

If you’re not interested in moving to a retirement community, consider sharing your home with other seniors.

The economy, poor home prices, lost jobs, and paying for children to go to college has left many Boomers with smaller retirements.

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Skydiving at 80, pets in retirement communities, living to be 100, and elder scams


It’s never too late to go skydiving; these 80+ women raised money for charity during their 10,000 feet drop.

Good news for animal lovers: More retirement communities are beginning to allow pets!

If you want to live to be 100, eat better and get some more sleep.

Elder scams impact even well-educated people.  This particular story is heartbreaking because the wife still feels like it wasn’t a scam.

Photo courtesy of flawedartist on Flickr.

Prostate cancer, Wii bowling, lose weight, salt, documents, and hospice

New evidence suggests that men are sometimes better off delaying prostate cancer treatment until the disease begins progressing.

Thinking of taking up a new sport?  Wii Bowling is the newest thing.

16 small things can help you lose weight. Among them: eat in, don’t skip breakfast, and clean out your pantry.

Cutting salt may not have as many health benefits as originally thought.  The science is sketchy, at best.

Some physicians sometimes have trouble understanding the meaning of end-of-life documents like do-not-resuscitate orders.

Hospice isn’t always great.  It seems that hospice is really good at getting patients addicted to narcotics.

Migraines, antidepressants, the human genome, boredom, and robot pharmacists

Want to get rid of your migraine?  Go exercise.

Antidepressants may help dementia patients.

Have we learned anything useful about health care by sequencing the genome?  Not yet.  But, maybe soon.

Being good at boredom.  Humans spend about 50% of their time letting their mind wander.  This Wired article poses a question: Can we get better at mind wandering?

How do you get almost error-free medication dispensing?  Use a robot pharmacist.

Sex after 50, Wii bowling tournaments, Boomers & education, nursing home safety, and migraines

8 reasons sex is better after 50.  Can’t get pregnant, no interruptions, and you have more money/time to spend on romance.  Does it get any better?

Think your sporting days are over?  Think again.  A group of seniors from a Maryland retirement community won the National Senior League Wii Bowling Tournament this week.

Interesting theory: Boomer women got more education because they worried about divorce.  I’m not sure if this is the whole answer, but it’s interesting nonetheless.

Two contradictory articles: Nurses homes are getting safer.  Nursing homes need more doctors on staff.  I’m not sure which to believe.

18 signs you’re having a migraine. Most interesting: you can’t seem to get good sleep.