Lung disease, portion sizes, Social Security, and Medicare eligibility

1 in 4 at Risk for Lung Disease.  Some scary facts about the future of COPD in this country.

8 Tips for Controlling Portion Sizes.  Simple tips like “don’t skip meals” and “weigh your food” can help you shed excess pounds.

America without Social Security.  What would have it been like?  The Atlantic tries to answer.

Medicare Eligibility Changes.  The American Hospital Association is lobbying to change the Medicare eligibility age to 67 (from 65).

iPads in health, patient engagement, telemedicine and stroke care, and the ongoing debate about chocolate

iPad and a Broken Hip.  How technology helped one doctor pass the time.

Patient Engagement in their Care. The Wall Street Journal blog offers several links on helping engage patients in their care.

Telemedicine and Stroke Care.  Kaiser posts a summary of the latest news: HHS is going to start using telemedicine to help treat strokes.

Chocolate: The Good, Bad, and Ugly.  I personally think that there’s nothing wrong with chocolate, but this post begs to differ.

Emotions and health, depression, the doughnut hole, and brain shrinkage

Emotions and Heart Health.  It turns out that your emotions really do impact your heart.  It’s even more reason to stop and smell the roses!

12 Causes of Depression. From Facebook to summer weather, this slideshow lists some of the least well-known cases of depression.

More News on the Medicare Doughnut Hole. Kaiser’s got links to recent articles about Medicare, specifically that seniors now have fewer drugs falling into the Medicare doughtnut hole.  However, those that do fall into the hole tend to not buy as many prescriptions.

Brain Shrinkage. Some of the things on the list came as a surprise to me: internet, chronic back pain, and religious affiliation.

Health plan labels, the American diet, beating-heart transplants, and long term care

Health Reform will Create Health Plan “Labels.”  Remember those nutrition fact labels that come on the back of your bag of Doritos?  Well, the government is now going to require them for health plans.  It’s similar to the way credit card companies are required to post interest rates and other information in the same format, and it goes into effect in 2014.

(speaking of nutrition labels) What You Eat in a Year.  A great graphic from the Atlantic about what the average American eats in one year.

Transplants with Beating Hearts. This device delivers a transplanted heart that is still beating.  What will they think of next?

Long Term Care Scorecards by State. Kaiser has posted several links about long term care and quality.  This is the best summary I’ve seen in several months.

Diabetes Test Strip Recall, Nutrition, Drug Shortages, and Disability

Bayer is recalling diabetes test strips in the United States.


Kaiser Health News Roundup.  Some of the best headlines about healthcare on the web.  This batch includes articles about “saying no” to more care, Medicare cost reduction, and stem cell research.


Nutrition science is undergoing a bit of an upheaval.  Why is this not surprising? 


More on drug shortages.  It’s getting a little scary out there!


Social Security Disability is in trouble.  2017 is the year everything hits the fan.