Blood pressure & Alzheimer’s, making the move to assisted living, caring for dementia patients, and a lawsuit against a retirement community


Common blood pressure meds can cut the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

Figuring out when a loved one needs assisted living can be tough.

Learning to care for a dementia patient is slightly easier now: there’s a free online course for it.

Holiday Retirement is being sued by veterans for misleading advertising claims.


Q&A: Medical Recalls


I spoke with Mario Trucillo from the American Recall Center about recalls in medical devices and medication:

How often to drugs or medical devices get recalled?

Drugs and medical devices are continually being evaluated and reevaluated by the FDA. The pace can actually be quite hectic, making it difficult to stay on top of the possible side effects of a drug/device you could be using. That was the main thought behind The American Recall Center; making this incredibly important recall information easily available.

What are the typical reasons for recall? Is it common for a consumer to be seriously harmed by a defective product?

Recalls are issued when a safety issue becomes apparent. Sometimes drugs and devices may initially pass all the FDA requirements, with signs of hazardous safety issues not showing up until the drug or device becomes widespread throughout the medical community. For example, certain hip replacements had signs of danger that weren’t present until they were used across the country.

What are some current recalls that my readers should know about?

It’s difficult to put precedence of one recall over another. Instead, it’s incredibly important as the patient to know every type of drug or medical device we are using and what the potential side effect could be. If you take a certain prescription or have had a joint replacement, call your doctor and find out all the details so you can stay up-to-date on your wellbeing.

What can consumers do to protect themselves from defective medical products in the future?

Having the information about your medications and medical devices is the first step if you’re already receiving care. If your doctor is recommending something new, start by asking questions. Find out all the possible side effects and known complications. It is up to the patient to feel confident in their doctor and the treatments they recommend, so always be as inquisitive as possible. Lastly, stay up to date with The American Recall Center. Our site aims to be an awareness hub to keep the patient informed and educated on the role these drugs and medical devices can have on their everyday lives.

Blood sugar, exercise & dementia, living wills, and moving to “hip” neighborhoods


High blood sugar has been linked to dementia.

Exercise is the best medicine researchers have found for dementia.

Should you have more than one set of living wills if you live in multiple states?  An elder law attorney discusses the matter.

Boomers are moving to hip “young” neighborhoods.

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Florida condos, faster stroke treatment, caregivers, and modern retirement


If you’re thinking about retiring in Florida, now’s a good time to get cheap condos.

Faster treatment after strokes can improve patient outcomes.

A former caregivers talks about juggling the needs of several of her elderly relatives.

Modern retirement is looking a lot different from what it was 100 years ago.

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Vaccination questions, alternative medicine, Alzheimer’s and Boomers aren’t healthy


Your vaccine questions answered.

If you’re using alternative medicine, it’s a good idea to let your doctor know.

We could soon have an Alzheimer’s epidemic on our hands.

Baby Boomers aren’t very healthy (they’re heavier and less active than the prior generation).

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Sleeping pills, assisted living cliques, advance directives, and organ donation


Sleeping pills aren’t as safe as you might think; the FDA is changing guidelines on the most popular drugs.

As if being in assisted living wasn’t hard enough, there’s still the inevitable cliques to deal with!

If you’re having trouble figuring out your advance directives, there’s a new site out there to help.

How should hospitals handle organ donation to older patients?

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Assisted living & medication, scam prevention, home safety, and brain pacemakers

There’s a free scam prevention book online.

Want to make your home safer?  Here are a few tips.

Scientists are testing brain “pacemakers” for Alzheimer’s patients.