Older minds retain more information, residents suing CCRC, a third of patients are harmed during treatment, and the worst aspect of dementia


Older minds retain more information.

Residents are suing Vi, a CCRC chain over the use of their entrance fees.

One third of nursing home patients are harmed during treatment.

One of the worst aspects of dementia: Sometimes patients don’t even know that they’re ill.

Brain aging, end-of-life care in assisted living, brain games, and dementia


My favorite professor has a post out about how the brain ages.  Check it out.  He’s a great writer and scientist.

End-of-life care in assisted living isn’t the same as a hospital or a nursing home.

Brain games won’t do much to make you a memory champ, but doing something that is mentally stimulating helps.

This might be an interesting read: “I will Never Forget” is about a mother’s descent into dementia.

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Flu shots, memory loss, saving for retirement, and working longer


Maybe you don’t need the flu shot after all.  Some new studies show that if you’re over 65 and have gotten the shot before, getting a new shot doesn’t make much difference. 

What’s normal memory loss and what isn’t?  (How not to panic when you forget someone’s name.)

Americans aren’t saving enough for retirement

Is 75 the new 65?  People are working longer.  I’m not sure that’s a good thing. 

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Blood pressure, CPR, fake bus stops, and benefits of being skinny


For the very old, high blood pressure may not be a bad thing.

CPR isn’t as successful as the TV shows make it seem.  Additionally, it’s pretty painful if you do survive.

A German nursing home has put a fake bus stop in front of the facility to stop seniors from wandering off. 

There’s another benefit to staying skinny: it keeps your mind healthier.

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