Video games, hospice, home care agencies, and caregivers


Can video games be good for you?

The best question to ask when faced with deciding on hospice for a loved one: What would make his/her last days most comfortable?

Not all states require home care agencies to be licensed.  Check your state for specifics.

If you have specific opinions about the kind of care that you want at the end of your life, you’d better let your family members know.  A new study shows that most seniors don’t receive care based on what caregivers think is best for them.

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Insomnia & nursing homes, aging & the mind, long term care costs, and adult wishes


Get some sleep! Insomnia predicts nursing home admissions in seniors.

It’s official: aging is all in the mind (unfortunately, we still don’t know how to change that).

Long term care is a big expense, and no one seems to know how to pay for it.

There’s now an adult version of the Make a Wish Foundation.

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Older drivers, advice for aging parents, seniors & Facebook, and making decisions


When should drivers retire their car keys?

Some good advice on basic information to have about your aging parents.

Seniors are the fastest growing demographic in social media (like Facebook) today.

Older people are better at making decisions. (More on the subject.)

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Hospital tips, seniors & therapy, unhealthy old age, and long term care costs


Tips for staying healthy in hospitals.

Older adults can benefit from therapy just as much as young people.

Do Boomers have to “save themselves” from unhealthy old age?

Americans are in denial about long term care costs.

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Hunger & seniors, happiness & aging, caring for an Alzheimer’s patient, and smart phones


Hunger is a big problem for lots of seniors.

We get happier as we age.

Tips for caring for an Alzheimer’s patient.

Europe is getting senior-friendly smart phones.  When will we get them over here?

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Coughs & doctors, mild depression, helping friends with Alzheimer’s, and joining a Village retirement community


Signs that you might need to visit a doctor about your cough.

Should mild depression be treated as a medical condition?

The New Old Age blog discusses how some old friends helped to include a friend who is suffering from Alzheimer’s.

How do you get the best of senior housing without having to leave your home?  Join a Village.

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Hearing checks, PTSD in caregivers, blended families, and bills of rights for CCRC residents


Another reason to go get your hearing checked!

Do caregivers get PTSD?

Blended families (step-fathers and step-mothers) have a hard time making caregiving work.

Massachusetts has a bill out now to ensure rights for CCRC residents.

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Having your license revoked, hospital visits, exercise, and Medicare paying for home care


Physicians can, and do, rescind drivers licenses if the patient no longer has the ability to drive.

Top 10 items to bring to your hospital visit

Another benefit of exercise: It makes your brain bigger later in life.

Good news: Medicare is going to start paying for more for home care services.

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Alzheimer’s & diet, being a caregiver, senior housing locator services, and signs of dementia


Should Alzheimer’s be called “Type 3 diabetes?” New research points to poor diet at a potential cause.

What’s it like being a caregiver?  A Boomer gives her honest opinion about caring for her father.

The FTC is investigating complaints against two senior housing locator services

Mild cognitive impairment can be a symptom of future Alzheimer’s.  

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