Blood pressure, CPR, fake bus stops, and benefits of being skinny


For the very old, high blood pressure may not be a bad thing.

CPR isn’t as successful as the TV shows make it seem.  Additionally, it’s pretty painful if you do survive.

A German nursing home has put a fake bus stop in front of the facility to stop seniors from wandering off. 

There’s another benefit to staying skinny: it keeps your mind healthier.

Photo courtesy of meddygarnet on Flickr.


Dieting is impossible, vitamins aren’t perfect, fast food, and brand name drugs

Obesity is an epidemic, but our bodies don’t care. Despite our best efforts, it’s nearly impossible for some folks to lose weight.

The skinny on vitamins and supplements. New studies cast doubt on the efficacy of some herbal remedies.

Dang it!  Eating fast food ages the brain. Eating healthy food slows this process.

Why do Americans pay so much for brand name drugs?  It’s much cheaper to buy from Canada, which is what seniors are doing.

Being thin, cancer, Medicaid cuts, ER bills, and Medicare savings

Is it better to be thin or fit?  Apparently both, however, being fit comes first.

Breast cancer and radiation: a new study shows that traditional radiation (compared to “faster” treatment), might be better. (Bonus link: Breast cancer screening may do more harm than good.)

Florida is cutting Medicaid, but the Obama administration is fighting back.  The current plan calls for cuts to hospital reimbursements.

What happens if an ER doctor bills you for what insurance doesn’t pay?  The video gives tips for negotiating charges.

According to USA today, Medicare recipients saved over $1.5 billion last year due to the health reform closure of the Medicare “doughnut hole.”

Medicare enrollment, nursing home abuse, obesity, home modification, and risky drugs

Medicare open enrollment ends December 7th! (Bonus: The GAO says that Medicare Advantage enrollment has grown since the health reform bill, contrary to what many policy analysts reported.)

Nursing home workers arrested for waterboarding a dementia patient.  What’s wrong with the world?

Medicare will now cover obesity care.  The new services include counseling and doctors visits.

Want to stay in your own home?  Check out this book about homes for “ageless living.”

Risky drugs for seniors; Warfarin is #1. 

Obesity, hospice regulations, antibiotics, and unemployment

Scientists are getting closer to a drug that fights obesity.

Hospice regulations for cancer patients are discriminatory: In order to qualify for hospice, cancer patients must have given up all other treatments.  However, COPD patients and congestive heart failure patients don’t have to give up any of their treatments.

Antibiotic resistance is becoming more of an issue; the government is trying to prevent it.

The US economy added 80,000 more jobs in October, but the unemployment rate increased for those ages 55+.

End-of-life care, MRI overuse, tummy tucks, flu, obesity, and robot pants(!)

A physician talks about how medicine is coming to grips with futile end-of-life care.

MRI’s are overused.  Do we blame the doctor or the patient?

Thinking of getting a tummy tuck?  Here are some points to consider.

Obesity and the flu vaccine: The heavier you are, the less likely it is for the flu vaccine to work.

Wheelchairs are on their way out.  Toyota has built a “walk assist” robot.  You wear it like a giant, robotic pair of pants.

Obesity, best retirement cities, strokes & stents, and breast cancer myths

Fighting obesity.  It’s not as easy as it looks.

Best cities for senior living: Minneapolis, Boston, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh.  Read the rest of the article for the full list.

Strokes and stents: a new study shows that a stent alone isn’t a good way to prevent a second stroke.

25 breast cancer myths busted.  Most interesting: breast implants don’t raise your risk of cancer, nor does wearing a bra with an underwire.