New email scams, retirement is becoming more difficult, helping parents control money better, and finding an assisted living roommate


A new scam is out there: Don’t open any emails sending you condolences about your “dead friend.”

Retirement is going to become more difficult all around the globe.

Giving your aging parent a prepaid debit card might help them maintain independence but also prevent fraud.

Assisted living with a roommate may help make it more affordable for more seniors.

Finding senior roommates, discrimination in retirement communities, and nursing home murderer confesses


Want to live like a character on TV? Find a roommate like the Golden Girls.

Same-sex seniors face discrimination when searching for retirement communities.

Contrary to what you might have heard, Obamacare doesn’t cover long-term care insurance.

A dying man has confessed to the murder of a nursing home resident.

Median nursing home cost is $77,000, the feds are investigating a nursing home company, older adults don’t want to relive life, and getting roommates is cool now


The median cost of a nursing home is not about $77,000 a year.

There’s a federal investigation right now into Emeritus, a big nursing home company in the US.

Older adults don’t want time machines as much as younger adults.

Would you want to live like the Golden Girls?