Sex in senior housing, long term care insurance, nursing home lawsuit, and doing brain exercises

teen with condom

Sex in senior housing isn’t always handled well by staff.

Missing one payment can put your long-term-care insurance in jeopardy.

A jury awards over $3 million in nursing home lawsuit.

Doing brain exercises can help delay your move into senior housing.

Caregivers, sex, long term care, and the perfect nap


Caregiving can create a range of experiences for caregivers.

I can’t believe I’m posting this: Sex positions that won’t inhibit your hip replacement.

Another option to help pay for long term care: cash out your life insurance policy.

Lastly, because it’s important: How to take a perfect nap.

Married 75 years, died a day apart, naked ESPN photos, longer disability and early stage dementia


True love: A couple born on the same day and married for 75 years die a day apart.

Gary Player, the 77-year-old former sportsman, posed naked for ESPN.  I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.

As people live longer, they’ll need to be prepared for longer periods of disability at the end of life.

The worst news I’ve heard all week: Some people who feel like something “isn’t right” with their memories actually have early-stage dementia.

Tips for doctor’s appointments, a 76-foot chair lift, a memoir about dementia and STD’s in retirement communities

Doctor or Nurse Explaining Prescription Medicine to Attentive Senior Couple.

Six tips for taking control of your doctor’s appointment.

Accessible Design, a home remodeling company, installed a 76-foot outdoor chair lift for a couple who had trouble getting down the hill of their steep driveway.

There’s a new memoir out written by a daughter as her mother battled dementia.

Seniors aren’t immune from sexually-transmitted diseases.

Dogs in nursing homes, sex in nursing homes, caring for loved ones with dementia, and banks tackling fraud


There’s a new book out about a nursing home dog and his owner.

Is it ok to have sex when you live in a nursing home? “The Atlantic” grapples with the idea.

If you’re looking for good information on caring for a loved one who has dementia, there is a great blog dealing with that subject.

Banks don’t always help seniors who have been victims of fraud.

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Aging (Playboy) bunnies, favorite children, grandmothers & society, and elder abuse


What happens as Playboy bunnies age?  Nothing.  They’re still as cool as ever!

Something we always knew: Parents have favorite children.

The most feel-good science news of the month: Grandmothers are good for society.

Elder abuse is a real danger for seniors who have advanced dementia and cannot advocate for themselves.

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Preventing fractures, predicting Alzheimer’s, delaying Social Security, and sex in nursing homes


A new study suggests that high levels of vitamin B might prevent fractures in seniors.

Alzheimer’s is getting easier to predict.  A new biomarker can detect brain changes two decades before the disease strikes.

Delaying Social Security can help you get more in benefits.

Should nursing homes allow residents to have sex?  It’s a controversial subject to say the least.

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Aging & DNA, scams & veterans, sex & seniors, and Social Security cuts


Aging is in our DNA.  No really, our DNA records the march of time.

The government is warning seniors to look out for scams aimed at veterans.

Does Hollywood overlook seniors and their sex lives?  This writer thinks so and makes the argument that intimacy as an older adult is a beautiful thing.

Social Security is coming under fire from politicians from are trying to cut spending.  Here are some of the proposed changes.

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Addiction and STD’s in the elderly, nursing homes billing children, tax planning, and retirement villages


Everyone thinks that teenagers are the ones getting into trouble, but recent studies suggest that addiction and STD rates among seniors are rising.

New laws are forcing adult children to pay nursing home bills for their ailing parents.  Yikes!

If you have a 401(k), don’t forget to budget the tax liabilities into your retirement planning.

There’s a new way to getting services in your home: A retirement village.  You pay a monthly fee, and you get access to a whole stack of services.

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