Cranberry juice & urinary infections, discharges from hospital visits, Social Security, and reverse mortgages


You can stop drinking all that cranberry juice.  A new study suggests that cranberry isn’t all that helpful for urinary tract infections. 

Tips for handling discharge day after a long hospital visit: get it in writing, keep a journal of how you feel, and get enough exercise.

Social Security payments have gone up, but Medicare premiums have too.  You can’t win sometimes!

Reverse mortgages can be tricky investments for seniors. (More here.)

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Voices & aging, low interest rates, Social Security, and retiring overseas


Our voices age over time just like our bodies.

Low interest rates are harming seniors and threatening their retirement.

More and more seniors are living on Social Security alone.

Here are seven things to consider if you’re planning on retiring abroad.

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Preventing fractures, predicting Alzheimer’s, delaying Social Security, and sex in nursing homes


A new study suggests that high levels of vitamin B might prevent fractures in seniors.

Alzheimer’s is getting easier to predict.  A new biomarker can detect brain changes two decades before the disease strikes.

Delaying Social Security can help you get more in benefits.

Should nursing homes allow residents to have sex?  It’s a controversial subject to say the least.

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Aging & DNA, scams & veterans, sex & seniors, and Social Security cuts


Aging is in our DNA.  No really, our DNA records the march of time.

The government is warning seniors to look out for scams aimed at veterans.

Does Hollywood overlook seniors and their sex lives?  This writer thinks so and makes the argument that intimacy as an older adult is a beautiful thing.

Social Security is coming under fire from politicians from are trying to cut spending.  Here are some of the proposed changes.

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Yoga & strokes, the best annuity, reversing stroke damage, and 80 as the new retirement age!


Yoga might help stroke victims regain their balance and strength.

Want an annuity with the highest rate of return?  A recent study says that Social Security is your best bet.

In the future, there might be a pill to reverse stroke damage long after the actual stroke has occurred.

The CEO of AIG thinks that the retirement age in Europe is going to go up to 80!  Yikes!

Benefits of exercise, great napping, Alzheimer’s, and hot stocks


The best exercise news of the day: You don’t have to do a lot of exercise to get benefits.

Here are some secrets to great napping: pick the right time to nap, have some coffee afterwards, and enjoy being more productive for the rest of the day!

There’s a new study out that has found: having a sense of purpose can slow the progression of Alzheimer’s.

Looking for a hot stock?  Yahoo Finance says that your best return comes from delaying Social Security for a few years.

Getting the most out of Social Security, student loan debt, divorce, and stroke

Some food for thought on collecting Social Security: number of years worked is factored into your payout, payments could increase at 8% annually after full retirement age, and spouses can claim benefits.  There’s much more information in the article, so go check it out.

If you are over 65 and still have student debt, take heart; you’re not the only one.

Want to make your adult children happy?  Consider getting a divorce.

New findings: a stroke can change your sexual orientation.  Even more, another study has found that post-stroke depression isn’t being treated in most patients.

STD’s & the elderly, calories & memory, government programs, and dieting

Are you a female who is back on the market after being married for a long time?  Take some time to ask your doctor about protecting yourself from STD’s.

Put the fork down.  A new study shows that excess caloric intake among the elderly can cause memory problems.

Could you qualify for more governmental assistance?  Check out  You can also talk to a professional by calling 800-677-1116.

Everything you need to know about dieting: good nutrition won’t make you skinny by next week, but crash diets will cause you to crash.

Social Security changes, Medicare enrollment, self-reliance, and caring from a distance

There are a few changes to Social Security this year. Among them: increased payments, higher tax caps, and higher earnings limits.

If you wait to sign up for Medicare, coverage could cost between 10% and 50% more than if you sign up on time!

Baby Boomers believe in self-reliance.  The majority of Boomers are strongly opposed to being a burden to their children.

There are millions of Americans caring for their aging parents from afar. Problems?  It costs a lot of money and it’s really stressful!

Getting good care, skinny people, Social Security, lying doctors, and palliative care

The secret to getting good care: Be a likable patient.

Seven secrets of skinny people.  I’m not sure these are great secrets, but it does give one some hope about losing it and keeping it off.

Social Security benefits are set to rise 3.9% this year.  Don’t get too excited.  Medicare Part B premiums are likely to go up. 

Excerpt: The Benevolent Deception.  An interesting look at why doctors lie to patients.

Palliative care.  There is a lot of potential for reevaluating the way we handle patients who are very ill.